Ganache (three fruity fillings)

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As a variation of the classic Ganache I like to use some fruit pulps.

This is how I make three different fillings with three different fruits.

Ingredients for one filling:

200 gr. white chocolate

90 gr. cream

100 gr. fruit pulp



First I make the fruit pulp. It worked great with raspberries, blueberries or mango. Every fruit gives a unique fruity touch to the filling. The most intense flavor comes with the raspberries.

With an immersion blender I blend the fruits and press them through a sieve with a spatula to get a seedless, skinless fruit pulp.

Chop the chocolate. Heat the cream up to 40°C +/- 45°C (105°F +/- 115°F) and take away from the heat. Put 1/3 of the chocolate into the cream and let melt. Bit by bit put in the rest. If necessary put the cream/chocolate mixture back to the heat – but take care, that it does not get too hot.

Work with a spatula until you have a homogenous mixture and add the fruit pulp. Then use again your immersion blender and mix together. Fill into a small bowl and cover with a foil (perforate with a needle to avoid condensate) and leave in the fridge for two hours.

Before you use the mixture blend with a handheld electric mixer until the volume improved and fill into your pastry.

IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2864

I hope you like the new fillings and have fun in making them.


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