Belgian Waffles (sweet good morning)

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Belgian Waffles for breakfast. What a great (and sweet) way to start a weekend (or just a normal day). That was the reason why I bought a waffle maker lately. Concerning taste I choose a recipe with yeast for my first waffle recipe to be published. Continue reading “Belgian Waffles (sweet good morning)”

Vanilla Kifli (Kipferl)

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Another really easy classic in my Christmas bakery.

And for now this will be my last Christmas cookie recipe. Although I have some left over egg whites in the fridge – maybe some coconut macaroons – we will see. Looking back at this year`s baking I am more than content and I really hope you enjoy the recipes and the making and last but not least the consuming.

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Cut Out Cookies

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There are so many yummie, extravagant, innovative recipes for Christmas cookies out there. But in the end, the simple ones are the ones that remind me of my childhood. Waking up and the house is full of the flavor from your mother baking in the kitchen. Still in the pyjama you steal the first bit of the cookie dough. And then – the first cookies fresh out of the oven with a hot chocolate. And these Cut-Out Cookies remind me exactly of that time.

This time I decided to make the double ones with marmalade. But be sure to let your fantasy work. You can make the simple ones with a little egg yolk on it before baking. Or decorating them after baking with different kind of chocolate.

Here I present you the ones I made this year and hope you like them.

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