French Buns (cinnamon breakfast)



Sometimes coincidence is my friend. After my Belgian Waffles I needed something else for a yummy-breakfast-sidekick. And so I found these French Buns at the baking blog of lovely Karoline Hatt. I hope you are going to love her recipe as much as I do. Continue reading “French Buns (cinnamon breakfast)”

Apple Strudel (first attempt)

imageimage  imageimage

Yep – again a recipe with apples. I am so waiting for the spring to come and for some really great fruits on the local markets. But anyway – there are still loads of great apples to be baked. This is my first attempt to Strudel and it is a bit tricky with the dough, but with a little touch and patience it will work.

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Mini Pies (fruity sweety crunchy)

IMG_4111 IMG_4108 IMG_4112 IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4110 IMG_4109

My dear fellow baking blogger, lovely Sabine Indra (Lixie Pott) from Photolixieous celebrates her 1. Blog-Birthday. Feel free to visit her gorgeous blog and her guests with their fine recipies.

For her sweet birthday table I created some mini pies with two different fillings.

I hope you like them too and have fun in making them.

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Apple Pear Cinnamon Pie (sweet and lazy day)

IMG_3976 IMG_3974 IMG_3975

It is more than obvious – there are still loads of apples on my market every week. And it is not the worst using the products of the season. So welcome back to another way of using apples (and pears by the way).

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Cinnamon Jam Christmas Cookies

IMG_3560 IMG_3567 IMG_3559

The Christmas bakery is on and I am pretty busy at baking. The first recipe I want to share with you are these cinnamon jam cookies, which I bake since a very long time. They are part of my pre-christmas-time and the smell of cinnamon while baking them is priceless. I hope you enjoy the recipe.

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