Sacher Cake (chocolate classic)

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A classic chocolate sweet and fruity cake – does your heart make a jump? So you are in the right place. Today I would like to present you one of Austrias most famous cakes, the Sacher cake. I hope you enjoy the recipe and make the cake yourself.

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Chocolate Mousse Tarte (creamy fudgy chocolate)

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A constant pool of inspiration is always the dessert buffet of a private feast.

The bigger the feast – the bigger the problem to find the person who did it. This time I managed to find the baker of this tasty fudgy chocolate tarte. I hope you like the recipe and find it good enough to remake it.

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Peanutbutter Chocolate Cookies

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Peanut butter is a must in my christmas bakery. This really easy recipe helps you not to waive the taste of peanut butter during this period.

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Tarte au Chocolat (basic recipe)

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No cake base – no topping – only a bar of chocolate in the shape of a cake. Not much ingredients and easy to make. No fluffy texture, but pretty tight. Just ahead of my advent and Christmas baking I want to share this recipe with you and hope you enjoy it.

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Peanutbutter Mascarpone Cake (sweety creamy salty nutty)

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I personally was more than surprised when I baked this cake the first time. The combination of peanut butter together with sour cream and mascarpone made me curious. And what can I say – the reactions were more than positive (except one, my sister really doesn´t like peanut butter – I don´t know from where she got that).

Besides the fact that this cake impresses with the three layers, I hope you like my recipe and have fun making this delicious fresh salty and sweet cake.

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White Triple Chocolate Muffins (full chocolate power)


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As a variation of my Dark Triple Chocolate Muffins I am glad to present you my White Triple Chocolate Muffins. Just exchange the white with the dark chocolate and you have a great addition to your muffin recipes.

I would be happy to having you as a fan of this recipe. Have fun in making and enjoying.

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