Yeast Pigtail (Relaunch my English site)

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Due to a big lack of time I had to stop translating my recipes into English. And because I have a high aspiration for a good English translation, this will always need some extra time for me. Just because I am not used to speak/write in English.

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French Buns (cinnamon breakfast)



Sometimes coincidence is my friend. After my Belgian Waffles I needed something else for a yummy-breakfast-sidekick. And so I found these French Buns at the baking blog of lovely Karoline Hatt. I hope you are going to love her recipe as much as I do. Continue reading “French Buns (cinnamon breakfast)”

Bagels (basic recipe)

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You can´t beat a delicious variation on your breakfast table. That eases hugely a maybe hard start of one´s day. That is why I make some bagels from time to time. Today I want to present you my recipe. I never make this recipe in a hurry – the yeast dough does not like hurry! It needs time to rest and time to work.

The measurements are for 12 big or 20 small bagels.

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