Yeast Pigtail (Relaunch my English site)

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Due to a big lack of time I had to stop translating my recipes into English. And because I have a high aspiration for a good English translation, this will always need some extra time for me. Just because I am not used to speak/write in English.

First of all a very big THANK YOU to all my followers on this site that you stayed with me through all the months without any recipe.

Bit by bit I will translate all the articles you have missed.

This time it is a classic plaited yeast bun.

I hope you enjoy that recipe.

500 g flour
200 ml milk (luke warm)
1/2 cube yeast (10 g)
70 g sugar
80 g butter (room temperature)
1 pinch of salt
For the topping
1 egg yolk + some milk
Coarse sugar

You also need
Baking sheet lined with parchment
Oven preheated at 360°F/180°C (upper lower heat)


Heat the milk until luke warm. Crumble the yeast and mix with the luke warm milk and the sugar.

IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4380

Add the flour, the butter and the salt and knead the ingredients very well until you have a homogenous dough.

IMG_4381 IMG_4382
Let it rest covered at a warm place for at least one hour. Knead again and put into shape. For the pigtail cut two times and plait.

IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385
Put the prepared yeast on a lined baking sheet and let it rest covered another 30 min.

After the last dormant phase mix the egg yolk with some milk and dab. Add the coarse sugar.


Put it into the oven at 360°F/180°C (upper lower heat)

I hope you like the recipe and get inspired for some yeast dough.



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