Cinnamon Jam Christmas Cookies

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The Christmas bakery is on and I am pretty busy at baking. The first recipe I want to share with you are these cinnamon jam cookies, which I bake since a very long time. They are part of my pre-christmas-time and the smell of cinnamon while baking them is priceless. I hope you enjoy the recipe.


140 gr. butter

140 gr. sugar

2 egg yolks

200 gr. almonds (grounded)

100 gr. flour

3 tbsp. cinnamon

Choose a jam of your taste. You need at least 150 gr. I recommend raspberry, apricot and plum – they work perfect together with the cinnamon.

After the rest period:

Two baking sheets lined with baking parchment

Oven at 175°C / 350°F (top bottom heat)



Mix the butter until fluffy and add while mixing the egg yolks and the sugar.


When you have a homogenous batter add the almonds, the flour and the cinnamon and knead until you have a smooth batter.

IMG_3523 IMG_3524

Put it in a foil and let it rest in the fridge for one hour.

After the rest period form little balls, press a bit together, lay it on the baking sheet and form a mould with your finger tip. Into the mould, fill in the jam of your taste.


Put one baking sheet after the other into the pre-heated oven at 175°C / 350°F (top bottom heat) for 20 minutes. After the baking time pull the parchment from the baking sheet and let them cool down completely.

I hope you like this recipe and it helps you to get into a really good Christmas mood.



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