Peanut Caramel Bar (nutty fudgy chocaholic)

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A recipe with marshmallow-fluff – I had to try this. Never before I did a recipe with that ingredient, so for me it was a challenge. And seeing the bars (I found the recipe on it was an invitation, and I followed. Just try it yourself – the result will remember you to some well known nut-bars. Here is my version of that recipe and I hope you like it.


For the base:

120 gr. milk chocolate (or semisweet chocolate if you like it more)

3 Tbsp. peanut butter (creamy)

For the filling:

200 gr. marshmallow-fluff

30 gr. peanut butter

180 gr. confectioner´s sugar

300 gr. caramel

30 gr. cream

120 gr. peanuts (unsalted)

For the topping:

120 gr. milk chocolate (or semisweet chocolate if you like it more)

3 Tbsp. peanut butter (creamy)


You need:

Baking pan 11 x 7-inch with parchment paper on a solid subpart




Place the baking pan with the parchment paper on a solid subpart and wrap the parchment paper so the first layer does not leak.


For the base melt the chocolate and the peanut butter on low heat and fill into the baking pan. Place it in the freezer. The base must be hard for the next step.

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Put the marshmallow-fluff, the peanut butter and the confectioner´s sugar into a bowl and mix it with a spatula until you have a homogenous dough. This will cost some muscle work and take some time, but it pays off in the end.

IMG_3405 IMG_3407 IMG_3408

Spread it over the (now hard) base. That batter is pretty fudgy so I used my fingers, which I moistened a little bit.

IMG_3409 IMG_3410

Sprinkle the peanuts on top and press them a little bit into the marshmallow-dough. Put it all into the fridge.


In a small pan add the caramel and cream and melt on low heat. This will take some time and at first I thought that this lump will never melt, but it will. Still warm you must work now pretty fast, because the melted caramel will become hard pretty quick. So add the melted caramel on top of the peanut layer and spread it evenly. Put it all back into the fridge.

IMG_3412 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3415

For the topping – like you did above – melt the chocolate and the peanut butter and add it on top.

IMG_3416 IMG_3417

After two additional hours in the fridge the work is nearly done. It is now up to you how you want your bars. Cut it into pieces of your choice. I prefer the size of bonbon. But any size you like is o.k. Just use a really sharp knife.

I hope you like that super sweet, salty, fudgy bars and have fun in making them.



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