Sacher Cake (chocolate classic)

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A classic chocolate sweet and fruity cake – does your heart make a jump? So you are in the right place. Today I would like to present you one of Austrias most famous cakes, the Sacher cake. I hope you enjoy the recipe and make the cake yourself.

For the dough:
6 eggs, separated
110 gr. sugar
1 pinch of salt
130 gr. cocolate, half bitter, melted
140 gr. butter
110 gr. confectioner´s sugar, sifted
½ tbsp. vanilla extract
140 gr. flour, all pourpose, sifted

For the marmalade layer:
300 gr. apricot marmalade, softly heatened
1 tsp. gelatin

For the topping:
125 ml water
200 gr. sugar
150 gr. chocolate, half bitter

Springform pan 9 1/2″  with a sheet of baking paper, butter and flour the sides
oven pre-heated at 340°F/170°C (upper- lower-heat)


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Separate the eggs. Add into the egg-whites a pinch of salt. On high speed with the electric mixer add the sugar when the egg whites get foamy. Mix until you have a firm mixture. At the same time melt the chocolate with a double boiler. Put it aside to let cool down a bit.

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In another bowl mix the confectioner´s sugar, the butter and the vanilla extract and mix until you have a homogenous paste. Add one after the other the egg yolks.

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Into the egg yolk paste add the cooled melted chocolate and incorporate.

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After the melted chocolate add the firm egg whites together with the sifted flour. Incorporate until you have a homogenous dough.
Put into the sprinform pan and into the oven. Let the oven door ajar for the first 10 minutes. Then bake another 45 minutes.

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Turn the cake after the baking time and let cool down. When it is cooled down completely cut into half and put 1/3 of the marmalade onto one half and spread. Put the top on again and spread the rest of the slightly warmed marmalade.

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Let it cool down completely. I let it in the fridge over night. But two hours should be enough.

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Make a sirup from the water and the sugar by letting it cook for about 5 minutes. Let the sirup cool down to at least 110°F/45 °C and add the chocolate. Let it melt until you have a homogenous chocolate icing. Cover the cake with the cocolate icing and let cool down one last time.

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I really hope you like that recipe. The cake is pretty sweet. As a variation you can use different kinds of marmalade or chocolates. Just be sure to adjust the measurements then.


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